About us: A profile of the NIEDAX GROUP

Niedax has been synonymous with modern electrical systems for over 100 years. Decades of experience and pioneering innovation have created the international NIEDAX GROUP. Based in Linz am Rhein, Germany, the Group currently employs a workforce of around 2,350 across the globe. Niedax, Kleinhuis, Fintech, Rico, Ebo, Niedax France, Gouda Holland, ACS, Femi CZ, FOR M.A., SteelLine, BVS, Excel Electrics, MOPA and MonoSystems: these are the brands that form the NIEDAX GROUP, a strong group of companies that is now a global leader in the design and manufacture of cable support systems. A portfolio of over 50,000 products covers all your cable management systems in projects including industrial plantsoffice complexespower plants and sport arenas.

Continuity and foresight defines both the company history of the NIEDAX GROUP and its management structure. Bruno Reufels has headed the group as Chairman of the Board of Management and Global Head of Sales for more than 25 years, with great success. Mr. Alexander Horn, grandson of the founding father Fritz Axthelm, is responsible in his function as managing director for the technology and development division. Together, Mr. Bruno Reufels and Mr. Alexander Horn form the dual leadership of the NIEDAX GROUP.

In 2021, Adrian Lowiner has joined the management team for international sales and project management as well as development.

With our own sales subsidiaries and production sites in 50 different countries across the globe, 80 sales partners and a comprehensive warehousing network, we can operate flexibly and locally all over the world. Our expertise is not limited to the manufacture of modern and innovative cable management systems for ceilings, walls and floors. We are also specialists in research and development, sales and distribution, technical support, and the planning and provision of assembly and installation services.

We produce our pioneering installation systems at our 300,000m² central production facility in St. Katharinen near Linz am Rhein. St. Katharinen is also home to the new technology centre ALLEGRO, a 10,000m² site that includes one of the most modern hot-dip galvanizing plants in Europe. With fully automated material handling and innovative simulation tools, the site is setting new standards in galvanization process optimisation.

To make internal business processes leaner, faster and more efficient, and to maximise process reliability, the NIEDAX GROUP invested over 5 million euros in a state-of-the-art computing center and a standardized corporate ERP software. The group of companies emphasizes on energy conservation and the efficient and environmentally friendly handling of resources in all areas. This is also reflected in NIEDAX GROUP's green computing initiative (Green ICT).

A measure of our success

The NIEDAX GROUP is a global player in the field of modern cable routing systems operating in all major international markets with a workforce of 2500 employees in 50 different countries and over 80 associated international sales partners. Our local teams will work with you to turn your ideas and plans into flagship projects.

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