Train at the NIEDAX GROUP – Great prospects for launching your professional career

The NIEDAX GROUP has always firmly believed in the importance of vocational training. Large numbers of trainees and apprentices complete their training in trade, business and engineering at the various companies in the NIEDAX GROUP every year.

In each country where our subsidiaries operate, we are committed to providing excellent vocational training to make you fit for your professional career. Binding national regulations governing vocational training set the overall scope and form of the programmes in each country.

During your time as apprentice, you will become familiar with all the main business departments in your training company. And once you complete your training, the chances of being offered a permanent position are good.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship/traineeship that offers excellent prospects for launching your professional career? Each of our sites offers a modern learning and working environment where committed and motivated trainees soon fit in. Bring a team spirit and good attitude, and you will be warmly welcomed by your future colleagues.

We currently have the following vacancies at our site in Linz/Rhine and in St. Katharinen (Germany):

Training 2021 (m/f/d), (pdf, 558 KB)


We currently have the following vacancie at our site in Riederich (Germany):

Training for machine operator-setter 2020 (m/f/d), (pdf, 514 KB)

Please specify the desired apprenticeship program and send your detailed application documents to:

Niedax GmbH & Co. KG
Human Resources Management
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53545 Linz am Rhein

You can also send your application documents by email to

Data protection notice: We will store personal data and information arising from applications and delete these after expiration of the storage time limit of six months if no contractual relationship is established.

Information about whether and if so which data is stored on your behalf can be requested at any time. Therefore, please contact


You can find introductory information about the apprenticeship programmes offered at the German sites here:

Business apprenticeships at the St. Katharinen site

Skilled worker for warehouse logistics, 3 year apprenticeship

Skilled worker for warehouse logistics are responsible for the reception of goods, they check and store them properly. They compose deliveries and schedule routes, they load dispatch goods. Furthermore, they are involved in optimising logistic procedures.

Trade apprenticeships at the St. Katharinen site

Tool mechanic, punching technology, 3 ½ year apprenticeship

Tool mechanics manufacture stamping and forming dies, pressing and embossing dies and devices with which a wide variety of items are produced or processed. They also manufacture mechanical components made from metal or plastic.

Industrial mechanic, maintenance, 3 ½ year apprenticeship

Industrial mechanics deal with the production, installation, repair and automation of technical systems, commission them and ensure that they are operational through maintenance measures and servicing. They also install and dismantle production machinery and optimise manufacturing processes.

Mechatronics engineer, 3 ½ year apprenticeship

Mechatronics engineers build complex mechatronic systems, such as robots for industrial production, from mechanical, electrical and electronic components. They manufacture the individual components and assemble them into systems and machines. They commission the finished systems and programme them or install appropriate software. In the process, they orient themselves using the circuit diagrams and design drawings and check the system carefully before they hand it over to their customers. In addition, they maintain mechatronic systems and repair them.

Electronics engineer, operating technology, 3 ½ year apprenticeship

Operating technology electronics engineers install, maintain and repair electrical operations, production and processing systems, from switch and control systems through power supply systems to communication and lighting technology Equipment.

Machine and system operator, 2 year apprenticeship

Machine and system operators operate production machines and monitor the functioning of machines. They carry out maintenance and repair work and monitor the entire production process, taking quality management for the end product into account.

Surface coater, 3 year apprenticeship

Surface coaters finish steel and metal parts as decorative corrosion protection. In the process, they operate and monitor high complexity production systems and bear process and quality responsibility for the end product.

Trade apprenticeships at the Riederich site

Process mechanic, plastic and rubber technology, 3 year apprenticeship

As a process mechanic, you use machines which work entirely or semi-automatically for production. You set the machines up for each new production job, as well as organising and monitoring production. You mix raw materials and pretreat them. The quality of the product is checked at the end.

Machine and system operator, 2 year apprenticeship

Machine and system operators operate production machines and monitor the functioning of machines. They carry out maintenance and repair work and monitor the entire production process, taking quality management for the end product into account.



Tool mechanic, specialising in forming technology, 3 ½ year apprenticeship

Tool mechanics specialising in forming technology manufacture moulds made from special steel alloys for the metal or plastic processing industry. They operate computer controlled machines and develop special work programmes. Forming technology tool mechanics assemble the pre-fabricated metal parts into a complete mould. They then check it for precision and function. They also repair damaged and worn moulds and service machines as well as testing equipment and Tools.

Business apprenticeships at the Linz/Rhein site

Industrial clerk, 3 year apprenticeship

Industrial clerks deal with the commercial and business-related functions, from the procurement of raw materials through the planning and management of production and marketing of the finished products to their sale and shipping to the customers. In addition, internal and external auditing fall within the industrial clerks' extensive activities

Office management assistant, 3 year apprenticeship

As an office management assistant, you organise and handle office management tasks. You also perform business activities in fields such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing and human resources management.

Technical apprenticeships at the Linz/Rhein site

IT specialist, systems integration, 3 year apprenticeship

Systems integration IT specialists plan and configure IT systems. They set these systems up according to the requirements and operate and manage them. This also means that, in the event of a fault, they systematically pinpoint and remedy errors with the help of expert and diagnosis system tools. They advise internal users in the selection and use of devices and solve application and system problems. They also generate the system documentation and train the users.

IT specialist, application development, 3 year apprenticeship

Application development IT specialists implement software projects. They specialise in the development, modification and maintenance of software and databases. To this end, they use suitable methods and processes in software technology, programming languages and development tools. They also carry out user Trainings.

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