NIEDAX GROUP helps those affected by the flood disaster with donation


The Ahr valley, located only a few kilometres from the headquarters of NIEDAX GROUP in Linz am Rhein, was severely affected by a storm in the night of 14 to 15 July 2021. The terrible pictures from the crisis area show what devastating effects the flood wave had there. In the middle of the night, people died in the floods, the masses of water swept away entire houses, cars and rubble. The full extent of the destruction, also to the infrastructure, is only slowly becoming known. For a long time, entire villages were cut off from the outside world and had to be supplied with drinking water, food and medical services by helicopter. The clean-up and reconstruction work will take a long time and require a lot of energy.

Among the approximately 40,000 people affected in the district of Ahrweiler are also employees and business partners, customers, suppliers and service providers of the NIEDAX GROUP. "What people have to go through due to the flood disaster is unbelievable. The shock still sits deep. Many people have lost their livelihoods, their homes and their belongings. Some have been hit particularly hard, they have to mourn the death of family members and friends; many people are still missing," says the Executive Board, whose dismay is great.

In this emergency, the NIEDAX GROUP is helping the people affected by the flood disaster in the neighbouring district of Ahrweiler with a donation of 100,000 Euro. The company's donation will go to a special donation account of the Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler. "In coordination with the Kreissparkasse and the District Administrator of the Ahrweiler district, Dr. Jürgen Pföhler, the money will go directly to the people on the ground who now need it so urgently for reconstruction. We want to send a signal that we stand firmly by their side," says the Executive Board.

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