NIEDAX GROUP continues to expand its international presence


Start in Africa
As part of the expansion of its worldwide presence, the NIEDAX GROUP opened its first branch office in Africa located in the town of Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city and southernmost tip of the continent.
Along with the economies of Nigeria and Egypt, the South African economy is one of the strongest on the African continent and therefore once again, the situation is ideal for the globally active company group. And that’s not all: a further subsidiary was established in Nigeria’s capital Lagos.
Both sales offices are headed by two managers familiar with the industry. While one of them has many years of experience in the African market, the other one has profound relations with the country. Together they generate an enormous added value to specific market support. Many major projects await the company group there, particularely in the sectors of oil and gas. Among others, this business segment is a huge field waiting to be equipped with exclusive cable support systems. Furthermore, the new branches in Africa concentrate on the sectors of mining, energy and industry.

Expansion in Middle East
The situation in the United Arab Emirates is quite similar. This country‘s local economy primarily consists of the oil and gas sector. Moreover, infrastructure and transport are key fields over there. This is a main reason why the NIEDAX GROUP founded a new company named NIEDAX COMPOSITES in Dubai. Their core competence is the development, marketing and production of cable support systems made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The state-of-the-art shaped and pultruded profiles and grids are hard to beat when it comes to durability. There are very few other materials as robust as the glass-fibre reinforced polyester. This material withstands extreme conditions such as extreme heat, cold, solar radiation or aggressive chemicals without any loss for many decades what makes it  the optimal solution for use in infrastructure and transport but for many other business sectors as well. A total of 16 pultrusion facilities guarantee maximum capacity and flexibility, so that a reaction to a variety of special requirements by new products is easily possible.
The location of the production site in Dubai makes it possible to send locally produced items into the whole world immediately on a short way right after their production. All subsidiaries shall also benefit from the newly founded NIEDAX COMPOSITES and its core competencies.

New office in France
Even long-standing branches require changes. In France, that change was the relocation of the French sales office of the NIEDAX FRANCE from Tour Montparnasse to the city center of Paris, nearby the opera. Stylishly equipped, modern and luminous office spaces await the staff members at the new office location. The „Arrondissement de la Bourse“ which belongs to the Paris city center is located in the heart of Paris and is one of the most popular business districts for companies. Within these new office spaces, the commercial destiny of the French-resident companies will be guided. Since 2010, NIEDAX FRANCE is part of the NIEDAX GROUP and has two production sites in France as well as the headquarter in Paris.

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